The second week of May marks Teacher Appreciation Week. It is immediately followed by Mother’s Day on Sunday May 14th (with Father’s Day falling on Sunday June 18th this year). This is an appropriate time to post a brief journal entry to recognize the parents, teachers, and tutors that work to guide students through their educational experience.

The Teachers

The education of young people is a collaborative effort between themselves and the adults in their lives. Students perform better in school when everyone involved is clear on the objectives and goals of the classroom. For students, it can be easy to forget sometimes that teachers want nothing more than for them to succeed. Parents are occasionally guilty of forgetting this fact as well. The following is an excerpt from Ally Learning’s eBook Five Keys to Becoming an Engaged Student:

Parents need to demonstrate trustworthiness towards their children’s educational institutions and teachers. The phrase “bad teachers” is tossed around too carelessly in society’s conversation regarding student performance. Parents also need to be optimistic about students’ abilities. Parents across this country should not advocate for lowering the bar of success just to raise American youth’s collective self-esteem. We all want what is best for today’s student but we must also remember that it is good to embrace challenges.

This post isn’t intended to be a lecture on how to treat educators with more respect. Rather we wanted to bring awareness to Teacher Appreciation Week and offer a list of ways to celebrate all the hardworking teacher out there. Local news station Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit has set up a photo gallery on their website where you can send in pictures of favorite teachers (past and present). They also had a list of businesses offering discounts and deal to teachers this week. Click the link above for more info. The Michigan Department of Education has a more formal appreciation project to celebrate teachers with their Proud Michigan Educator (#proudMIeducator) initiative.

The simplest way to show appreciation to a teacher is to say Thank You. The people of PBS Teachers are sharing some student “Thank You” notes on its Twitter feed. They have also compiled a list of the best gifts teachers have received from students. The best way to say, “Thank You,” is face to face. It could be as simple as those two word or more elaborate. Hearing those words will make a teacher’s (and tutor’s) day! : )


Most of our students have joined the Ally Learning family via their mothers. Some of the students we tutor are mothers. We are thankful for them and would like to wish them all a Happy Mother’s Day. To our young students, we advise them to always tell mom: “Thank You” and “I Love You.” Not just on Mother’s Day but every day. That is the best advice we can give.

It is sometimes easy to take our loved ones and teachers for granted which is why these days, weeks, and months of appreciation are welcome. School can be difficult but the love and support from parents and teachers can make it a little bit easier.

From all of us at Ally Learning

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Christopher Kwiecien

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