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Just wanted to say how incredibly much we loved Sidra and how fantastic she is as a tutor. She was able to pinpoint where Journey’s academic and cognitive soft spots were and really aimed to support her in a holistic manner. Sidra was really a blessing and she is just one of the nicest people I have ever met as well. Thank you Ally Learning for pairing Journey with a wonderful tutor!

– Geneina K.

Thankful for tutoring Thursday’s. The beginning of the school year the kids started tutoring one day a week with Ally Learning. Remotely too due to their sports schedule. When this whole quarantine thing happened we decided we would keep the tutoring going. It’s been a godsend! Not only will my children’s tutor help them with any questions they have on their school work but he also continues to work with them on math to keep their skills strong and teaches them new math. Today Gavin expressed he wanted to learn Spanish so next week after math he is going to start teaching Gav Spanish! I can’t say enough good things about this place!!!

– Kelly N.

Going to school for a nursing degree can be pretty hectic, I used to see general requirement classes such as Chemistry and Precalculus as an obstacle but not anymore!! Ally Learning provided me with the patience, guidance, and top notch professionalism to help me not just pass, but gain the confidence needed to actually teach the information to my classmates. I learned to retain the information and I thank Ally Learning tutors for their amazing help!

– Ayana T.

We have had an outstanding experience with Ally Learning. Our four children started working with Ally Learning tutors because each of them were struggling in all major subjects especially math and reading. All of them had lost desire to do well in school and were frustrated with other tutors we worked with in the past. Hammad met with our children and based on their personalities matched them with an Ally Learning tutor. We have been with Ally Learning for three years and it has helped immensely! My children are doing great in school now and are at grade level with their reading and math skills. Not only do the tutors help academically, but they are great mentors as well. We will continue to use Ally Learning Tutors until our children graduate from high school!

– Frank M., a happy dad.

I wanted to let you know you did a fabulous job with our students. The sessions were very productive and the group got a lot out of each of them. All of your efforts and support this year means a great deal to us. We are so thankful for your partnership and looking forward to more in the future!

– Kuhu S., FATE Program

I want to take a moment to stand on a soap box and THANK Hammad and the Ally Learning staff for being determined and persistent in finding a person to break down the wall in the corner of my daughter’s left brain. I got the most gratifying email from my daughter after meeting with your tutors. She for once felt good about math – but I could see more; she actually was saying she felt good about herself. 

– Candeis T.

There are good tutors, there are great tutors, and then there’s Hammad and Ally Learning. These tutors and mentors have influenced so many children in the Michigan Adopted and Foster care community more so than any other tutoring company out there that I know of. Hammad and his staff are so impactful and life-changing for the students they work with. As a social worker and parent of adopted children, I am grateful to have met Hammad because of the great work he has done with my kids’ education and mental health. My two children were failing all their classes and within two semesters Hammad and his tutors brought them back up to A’s and B’s. Whenever I have a parent asking about a tutor, I highly recommend Ally Learning!

– Jazmin G.

“My daughter has ADHD, which makes focusing and completing school work difficult. Hammad assists her with homework and school projects, making it less overwhelming and more enjoyable. Hammad is an on-calltutor; my daughter can text and email him with questions directly. He makes learning fun!”

Jacqueline O.


“My sons are smart, but have performed poorly in school. Hammad found a way to connect with them. He has taught them new study skills, and has helped them hone skills they already had but did not know how to utilize. My boys are more focused, have improved academically, and actually look forward to their tutor sessions.”

Debra G.


“Mr. Ali is a great tutor. He helps us do well at school and at home. Mr. Ali is also very nice. When we reach our monthly academic goals, he buys us donuts!”

Mykal G.


“Ally Learning is a wonderful resource for adopted and foster care youth in need of tutoring services. Ally Learning works with these students at no cost to parents. Our children get a tutor, a mentor, and a support system all in one. I highly recommend Ally Learning!”

Loraine M.

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